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When we started on ideas for this song in November 2019, we had little idea what darkness 2020 would hold for us and the rest of the world, although there were inklings. "For the Light I Wait" was completed July 15, 2020 during a process of individual and collective healing, using collaboration and experimentation as our guide. Corin’s lyrics and vocal melody were created in January 2020, based on a poem verse I’d previously written. Julia and I improvised with music and singing earlier that month, based on Julia’s idea to have vocals with some sort of chant/mantra (I suggested listening to Alice Coltrane’s “Charanam” for inspiration). The rest evolved organically into something beautiful, mysterious, and uplifting. All recording was done at home, with audio files shared remotely during lockdown/quarantine. For the freedom lovers everywhere, may this song be a beacon as it was for us. For the light we wait!


This road that I walk along
In moonlight or in dark
I stumble through the park
All alone

Then the clouds pass the sky is bright
I see my path through the forest night
I’m walking to my better life
To the gate

For the light I wait
For the light I wait
For the light I wait
For the light

And now the world is turning round
As the earth turns to face the sun
Hold on the dawn’s about to break
Night turns to day

The light is in view, dimly at first
For you
But clear as the star is rising up
Showing the way

For the light I wait
For the light I wait
For the light I wait
For the light


released August 31, 2020
Composed/Recorded Jan.–July 2020 in Los Angeles, CA and Portland, OR
Lyrics by Corin Tucker based on poem by Sharon Cheslow
String Arrangement by Julia Holter
Produced by Sharon Cheslow/Julia Holter/Corin Tucker
Mixing/Editing/Collage by Sharon Cheslow

Corin Tucker – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Sharon Cheslow – Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Synth (Bass), Electronics, Backing Vocals
Julia Holter – Electric Piano, Synth, Midi Strings, Cello, Backing Vocals

Photo by Sharon Cheslow from silent “Shine a Light” protest June 3, 2020…in honor of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and all persecuted people of color and other minorities

Copyright Decomposition/HolTuCh 2020


all rights reserved



Sharon Cheslow-Corin Tucker-Julia Holter Los Angeles, California

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